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Is The Ship on Juhu Beach Serious Threat To India’s Security?

A ship on Juhu beach has raised huge public and media curiosity because of reasons more than one. After the 26/11 attack on the Taj Mumbai, patrolling and guard has been supposed to increase to a great extent along the western waters of the country.

The ship on Juhu beach was first noticed by curious onlookers on the beach on early hours of Sunday morning. The ship is named as Wisdom and is a 145 meter long cargo vessel .The ship on Juhu beach has been drawing huge crowds in the early hours of the morning and people coming there are really enjoying the beauty of the ship from a distance.

Cost guard authorities said that the ship on Juhu named Wisdom had run 2.5 kilometer aground from the Juhu beach. They have established talks with the owners of the ship and they will bring in tugs to drag the ship out.

The questions that is being raised is the fact how can a ship come so close to the beach and the coast guard authorities did not see anything at that time? Had it been another ship filled with terrorists just like the way came on 26/11?

However, the directorate General of Shipping has decided to conduct an investigation into the ship on Juhu beach. The 9000 ton ship could have posed a huge risk to the Sea Link after it lost its control due to bad weather.


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