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Husband Fights For Justice For His Pregnant Wife Beaten To Death

The husband of pregnant Pakistani woman who was beaten to death outside the Lahore high court vowed to fight for justice. She was beaten to death as she married going against their family’s wishes. Farzana Parveen who was 25 years old had gone to the high court in order to testify in defense of her husband Muhammad Iqbal who was accused by her relatives of kidnapping her and forcing her to marry him. Outside the Lahore high court building she was attacked by more than two dozen brick-wielding attackers including her brother and father.

Later the police had arrested her brother and father. Parveen was three months pregnant when she was beaten to death. Parveen’s husband Iqbal said that they were being threatened since they got married. Iqbal, 45 even said that he and his wife were attacked previously when they came to attend their first hearing of the case on May 12 but luckily they survived. Iqbal said that they both were going to the court from their lawyer’s office on Tuesday i.e. 27th May where nearly 30 people attacked them including her father, brother and other cousins.

Iqbal said that one of her brothers tried to shoot her but missed it and then a woman from the group fell on her father and brother before they finished her. He said the most painful thing was that though there were a number of people all around, including police and hundreds of lawyers no one came forward to save his wife. All were just mere onlookers. Iqbal now calls for justice for his pregnant wife who was beaten to death mercilessly. While speaking to by telephone from his home village of Jaranwala where he had gone to bury his wife, he said that he demanded justice.

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