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Student Failed To Close Her Jaw After Yawning In Class

Teachers are frequently irritated with students yawning in their classes. Here’s something to teach those students a lesson.

A student of Kingsthorpe, Northampton named Holly Thompson yawned in a class while the teacher was taking a captivating lecture on politics. And alas, she couldn’t close her mouth after that massive yawn. All other students found the expression on Thompson’s face funny and started roaring with laughter. She appeared to look like as if she is in a continued state of shock.

However they soon realised that it was a serious problem. Her friends informed the teacher immediately and the school nurse was called. Even after continued efforts, they could not close her jaw. They tried placing hot water bottle under her chin and also used ice packs but she failed to respond to all those treatments. Finally she was shifted to the hospital for treatment.

Doctors in the hospital reported it to be a grave problem which was rarely encountered before. “Thompson was not able to eat and drink. It’s serious. She gets dehydrated soon and the mouth can get really painful” said the doctor attending Thompson.

It was a rare case and so the solution tried was also unusual. The doctor placed 26 tongue depressors in Thomspon’s mouth. Dr. Obakponovwe said that the tongue depressors helped the jaw to get tired, relax, and get back into shape. Thompson reportedly faced pain even after the operation and the jaw was still a bit unstable.

After this incident was reported in TV news channels and newspapers, Thompson became quite popular. Her video is put on YouTube and has attracted lot of comments. Thompson says she’d rather be popular for good reasons.

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