Nobody will support this Machete race war

The movie Machete has been released and people are scary that the Machete race war may began at any time. The movie says that the white people must lock their doors and keep ready with loaded guns as hundreds of Mexicans are on their way across the border to attack America and the fact is that they are all set to win.

Experts are of the opinion that there are many portions in the film which are extremely offensive and the content is enough to start a Machete race war. When the entire America and their President Mr. Obama is talking about anti racism, then it is absolutely ridiculous to release a movie on this subject. It is really doubtful what the producers want? Do they want to split the US society apart and plan to ignite a Machete race war? Will that be good for the society and it is a guarantee that no civil person will support it in anyway?

Another important point is that the African Americans have been completely omitted from the movie. It has been shown that the Mexicans are fighting only with the white Americans. The question was not clear on whether the African Americans will come to the help of their white brothers, or support the soldiers of a foreign nation. People really doubt what the director Robert Rodriguez of the movie was trying to project.

JIT Mukherjii
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