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Rumor Says Apple Is Coming With A New “iPad 2”

There is some interesting news for those who are planning to buy a new Apple iPad. Apple is going to release its most up-to-date version of iPad which will be known as iPad 2 in April. Analyst Brian Marshall of Gleacher has broken the story publicly quoting its usual “industry sources”.

However Marshall predicts Apple is currently working on its upcoming iPad 2, which will be available soon after the launch of its CDMA handsets in March.

He stated to media that Apple will keep their same tradition of annual release just like the launch of iPhone and iPod devices, since he assumes that Apple CEO Steve Job will unveil its CDMA iPhone during March, the iPad is more likely to arrive afterward.

The buzz of the launch of iPad 2 in April can be sourced to some Taiwanese website named Digtimes, where it has been clearly stated that Apple has commissioned a number of companies to produce high density interconnect boards for their upcoming iPad 2 in early February.

Marshall reached this conclusion of iPad 2 launch from this issue date of the interconnect boards which gives a clear signal about the possible date of the release of this device. He has also pointed out the dramatic price reduction from few retailers on the original iPad. Analysts are saying that it is another indication of the probable launch.

Price reduction of the present version of iPad may incur since Apple might have been considering the fact that after the release of their upcoming ipad 2, selling iPad 1 will be very much difficult for them. So they want to clear the stock before the arrival of Christmas sale. He thinks that Apple might include several advanced features which are not present in the current version.
The modern iPad may include the capacity to run on different carriers. There is a huge possibility of adding two cameras in the device located on both side of the tablet plus a switch from Apple’s proprietary connection to mini-USB. Certainly it will not include Flash so it won’t be possible to utilize half of the Internet.

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