See Yana Gupta Panty Less Pictures

Yana Gupta no pantyWhen Yana Gupta went to that charity party on that evening, little did she realized that her Yana Gupta panty less pictures will be searched like hot cake over the Internet for the next few days. Actually Yana Gupta forgot to wear her panty in that occasion and while coming out of her car,

the photographers present took pictures of her asset and placed them all over.

When asked by the media about the awkward situation, Yana Gupta seemed to be neither shocked nor embarrassed. She said that she is regularly going to the rehearsals without her panties as the dance moves were quite disturbing to her ass and she had to make it tight after every move. On that day, she came to the charity show straight from the rehearsal sets and hence was without panties.

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So people are more interested in seeing the Yana Gupta panty less pictures rather than what was the cause of the charity event. Masala sells more than milk.

See the Yana Gupta panty less pictures below just as the way she appeared at the show on that day.

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  1. Nice publicity stunt, probably a work of her publicity designer. No wonder all photos in public domain have the ‘pink slip’. Yes the cause is entirely hijacked.

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