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Prince William And Kate Middleton Romance – A FLASHBACK

What ended as a royal wedding grabbing international attention, started off as a simple love story ten years ago when two young hearts met at the St. Andrews University in the year 2001. Prince William was used to the stardom from birth as his every move from childbirth has been tracked by the media. But this tremendous media attention was unusual to Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, alias Kate Middleton.

The 24 hours media attention was unusual to this 28 years old Kate Middleton as she grew up in a humble middle class background from childhood. She used to stay with her parents in Bucklebury, in Berkshire. But observers feel that Kate Middleton handled the media quite well as she got help from her friends in the royal family and she was able to keep the media away and maintain a modicum of personal privacy.

The name of her parents is Michael and Carole Middleton and they run a small mail order business which sells toys and games for children and they operate it from a converted barne which is also close to their home. The couple is blessed with three children and Kate Middleton is the elder one. She has one sister and brother junior to her. She completed her education from Marlborough College in Wiltshire and has been described by classmates as a very talented and level headed girl.

Kate Middleton was the captain of the women’s hockey team at the college and her sister named Pippa, aged 25 years is a party planner. Her brother is named James, 21 years old and has launched a baking company.

Prince William and Kate Middleton romance blossomed during the college days and at that time they used to share a common accommodation for four long years. They used to stay like a couple in an apartment. The relationship became closer when they spend the weekend alone in the Balmoral estate of the Queen.

In the meantime, palace made an agreement with the press asking for a privacy guarantee for William and Kate Middleton. But media broke the silence when they were found to be skiing together in Switzerland in the year 2005. After that, her lawyers send legal notices to the different newspapers.

However, since the announcement made on yesterday, life of Kate Middleton will never be same again like her late mother-in-law who was captured from relative obscurity to international stardom, not to mention the continuous media attention. Kate will enjoy the title Her Royal Highness from the moment she will get married.

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One Reply to “Prince William And Kate Middleton Romance – A FLASHBACK

  1. This Is A Royal Flashback From Thirty Years Ago
    By D.K .Milgrim-Heath©2010
    This is a royal flashback from thirty years ago-
    Comparing William to Catherine to Charles to Diana we know.
    Two royal weddings really different as can be-
    Fully involving the well known British monarchy.
    Any royal groom needs to ask Queen Elizabeth II to be married-
    This is the way royal British protocol by centuries has been always carried.
    Prince Charles gave Princess Diana an engagement ring of beauty-
    Twenty-eight years William honored his mother with her ring for Catherine as his loving duty.
    A different dress from Princess Diana’s Princess Catherine shall wear-
    Will any of two Diana’s tiaras be sitting beautifully in her coifed hair?
    The whole world sees the beautiful strong love William has for his Catherine-
    That will always be strong through all their days the love and devotion will always win.
    I watched the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana on their wedding day-
    A beautiful royal wedding as the whole world really felt that way.
    The day of April 29th 2011 the world again will be finely tuned in-
    For the beloved wedding ceremony of Prince William and Princess Catherine to begin!
    Looking over years of photos of both these couples as the years flew away-
    In my heart and soul I shed tears Princess Diana won’t be in reality there that day.
    I know how much that does feel as my beloved had died-
    Not being able to be present as my own wedding lovingly at my side.
    But cherished memories of one’s parents if loved forever live on-
    Princess Diana will always be internally in William’s heart even though she’s earthly gone.

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