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Prince William And Kate Middleton Wedding Details Announced

The Archbishop of Canterbury is all set to play a key role in the marriage of Prince William with Kate Middleton, which is scheduled to be held on April 29, 2011. The Bishop of London and the Dean of Westminster Abbey will also be there to conduct the ceremony.

The representatives of the royal house has stated that the marriage ceremony will start at 11 am in the Westminster Abbey on April 29th, the day which has been declared a national holiday in the entire United Kingdom.
After the formalities of the marriage are complete, the couple will come out in a wonderful carriage in a gala procession and proceed towards the Buckingham Palace. The procession will go through the heart of ceremonial London which includes the Parliament Square, Whitehall, the Mall and the Horse Guards Parade.

A huge crowd is expected to line along the way of the procession and have a glimpse of the royal couple and greet them with their blessings. The couple is also expected to make a public appearance on the main balcony of the Buckingham Palace and make a public kiss there.
After all these formalities are over, the couple will now be a host to the guests who are expected to arrive at the reception which will be hosted by Queen Elizabeth II, grandmother of William. It is not specified whether Middleton will have to spend her final night being a single woman.

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