pre-GSCE maths

Plants Do Maths To Control Their Food Supplies

pre-GSCE mathsUK scientists have been conducting research which shows that plants actually conduct a mathematical calculation when they cannot make food during the night and hence the use their starch reserves.

The scientists have been studying the plant called Arabidopsis and they are astonished and amazed at how the biological system of plants is undertaking such a sophisticated mathematical calculation. The research showed that the plant must be doing an arithmetic division in order to adjust the consumption of starch from their reserves during the night.

The scientists said that it is amazing that plants are actually doing maths in a chemical way, even though it is pre-GSCE maths. While the night moves on, the leaf mechanisms measure the starch store size and further information comes from the internal clock just like human beings. The scientists could conclude a mathematical modelling for investigation of the division calculation that takes place within a plant body at night.

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