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LG Launches First 3D Tablet PC G-Slate In US

LG Electronics Inc has recently announced that they are soon going to launch a tablet PC named “G-slate” in March. The world’s third-largest mobile phone maker LG is bringing their first tablet PC in the U.S. market.
The upcoming product, “G-slate,” is one of the first tablet devices that run on Google Inc’s “Honeycomb” operating system, designed for the handsets that boasts large screens. LG has also declared that this device will be the first 3D tablet yet which doesn’t need 3D glasses.

The G-slate will be available in March through T-Mobile USA. T-Mobile is known as the fourth-largest carrier in the U.S. and a unit of Deutsche Telekom AG, as per the official announcement by LG.

LG Electronics happens to be the world’s second-largest TV supplier after Samsung Electronics Co. The company was trying hard to succeed in the mobile business after it’s failure create a significant market demand in smartphone industry due to the tough competition from Apple Inc.’s iPhone device or Samsung’s Galaxy S.

Its mobile-phone division published their report in the October-December period which states a three-straight quarterly loss of the company.

The company at present is counting on their latest high-end smartphones from their Optimus series as well as tablet PCs to stimulate the mobile phone unit, as the highly prospective market is anticipated to flourish this year.

Gartner Inc. predicts the tablet market to grow to 54.8 million units in the current year, from 19.5 million in 2010.

The G-slate boasts of an 8.9-inch screen, though it is a bit smaller than Apple’s iPad but at the same time bigger than the 7-inch display screen of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.

The device is powered by NVIDIA Corp.’s dual-core processor.

In the meantime, the company stated that they will be introducing the upcoming tablet PC Optimus Pad for global market later this month during the Mobile World Congress show which will be held in Spain.

At present we are to keen to see whether LG’s brand new tablet PC succeeds to make a mark in the highly competitive tablet industry or not. The expected price for G-slate is 499euros.

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