Increasing Population and Wealth Is The Cause Of Global Food Crisis – US Scientists

We will see a different world from today by the year 2050. Population across the globe will become more affluent and this will lead to more fighting among mankind for resources. This has been warned by the researchers in an US Science Congress.

United Nations has predicted that the population of the world will jump to 9 billion from the present 7 billion by the year 2050. The growth of population will occur in the poor countries, the research study has reported.

To feed these huge 9 billion population, we will have to produce the quantity of food in the next 40 years that human race has produced in the past 8000 years. The planet will simply go beyond recognition by the year 2050. Incomes of the population are also expected to rise in the next 40 years. Income standard at the global level will get tripled and will quantify more in the developing nations. This will make a tremendous impact on the food supplies at the global level.

People have a tendency to eat more as they see an increase in their income. They consume more food than when they were poorer. Experts have commented in the seminar that seven pounds of grain are needed to produce one pound of meat and 3 to 4 pounds of grain are required to have one pound of cheese or eggs.

Scientists have urged the governments to take necessary action and see more food is produced in the coming years so that they can manage this problem quite efficiently. Population control experts are asking for more funds to implement the family planning programs as that will help a lot to keep the population under check. Governments have not invested much in family planning in the past 20 years. But now they are taking the matter seriously for causes like rising food prices and global warming.

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