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Motorola “Xoom” The Best Gadget Of The Year Will Hit The Market Soon

Motorola Mobility’s Xoom tablet computer has been announced as the best gadget at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) on Saturday. The device is powered by latest “Honeycomb” software from Google. Not only that, Xoom was also declared the top innovation at the giant gadget show, and it was also honored as the best of all tablets introduced at CES as brand new competitors in a Tablet market which is chiefly dominated by Apple iPads.

Motorola’s Atrix smartphone which is introduced in the show also gained huge applause and it was designed to run on high-speed 4G wireless networks. Moreover, Atrix has a unique facility that enables us to use it in a dock to power a laptop.

Atrix achieves the top position in a smartphone segment at the official Best of CES awards.

“We took big risks and they paid off,” said Motorola Mobility chief software engineer Seang Chau. “We didn’t know if people would get it; but obviously they got it.”

US telecom maker Motorola Mobility jumped into the highly competitive tablet PC industry this Wednesday as soon as chief executive Sanjay Jha reveals Xoom at CES.

If you are keenly waiting to buy Motorola Mobility’s tablet computer, the “Xoom,” then you don’t need to wait for long, since Sanjay Jha has announced the gadget will hit the stores during first quarter of the year.

For further specifications on Motorola Mobility’s Xoom tablet computer stay in touch with us.
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