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Nurse Loses License For Having Sex With a Dying Patient

A 33 year old nurse has lost her professional license for 20 years as she has been alleged of having sex with a dying patient at his home. The patient was married and terminally ill at the time of sex. The incident occurred in Oklahoma district of USA.

The nurse named Van Brunt has mentioned the discipline as “miscarriage of justice”.Van Brunt used to work in a program in the Angelic Family hospital which provides nursing care for patients in their homes. Van Brunt told him by sending a text message that she has been made pregnant by another man. After getting the message, the patient attempted suicide in the month of March and died in the month of May last year.

Van Brunt’s attorney is of the view that the sexual relationship was consensual. The patient was a 43 year old ill man suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which is also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’ disease. Her lawyer also said that the relationship was carried out at the personal time of the nurse, but not during her official duty hours.

The nursing board says that they have got enough evidence that the sexual act occurred at the time of her visit to the patient during the duty hours. They feel that the nurse is the professional here and it should have been her duty to say no to any such vulnerable proposals. Whenever a patient is given under a nurse, it is her duty to take absolute care of the patient.

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