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Pakistan Court Issues Arrest Warrant against Musharraf

A Pakistani anti terrorism court has issued an arrest warrant against the former military ruler Perfez Musharraf. The court feels that they have got enough evidence to feel that he was aware of the assassination plan of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

The court said that he was fully aware of the plans of the Taliban to attack Mrs. Bhutto, but never did anything to stop that. He failed to provide adequate security to the Prime Minister. Investigating agencies say that it is not possible to further interrogate into the case without the cooperation of the former military President.

Mr. Musharraf now stays in a self imposed exile in London and agencies are complaining that he is refusing to cooperate. The court said that he will be declared as a fugitive if he does not appear before the court on the next hearing scheduled to be held on 19th February, 2011.  Meanwhile, Musharraf has denied all the allegations against him from his self imposed exiled address in London.

The terrorism torn country is suffering from acute leadership crisis for few years. People say there is no single leader in Pakistan to whom you can talk to. This is leading the country into massive political and economic crisis.

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