5th Day Of Olympic Turned Out To Be A Special Day

The 5th day of Olympic had the newest scandal of getting 8 athletes disqualified for they were not keen to win the matches. It was a day of joy for U.S as the participating swimmers maintained their dominance but the day turned to be controversial as the chairman of the Games organization did not invite the greatest Olympian of all times, Michael Philips. The main disqualification was announced in Badminton as the athletes were reported to play very lose so that they can face easy challengers in future games. The famous Chinese duo Yu Yang and Wang Xiaoli along with two players of South Korea and one pair of Indonesia were the disqualified ones.

It is said that the Chinese Olympic delegation supports the decision taken and promises to carry on investigation regarding the cause for the consequence. The delegates are saddened and declare that the Chinese pair has violated the rules of the Olympics and its spirit of a fair competition. They also claim that they are against any person or team who violets the rules of a fair game and any form of sport spirits. The Olympic committee of China boldly criticizes these actions.

The Joy of the fifth day Olympic was for US where the gold winner Nathan Adrian broke the world record of James Magnussen by 0.1 sec. in 100 meter freestyle. The Americans were also a gold winner in the 4×200 meter freestyle relay for the women where in Australia was beaten. One of the contestants Alison Schmitt declared that they predicted their result and she gave her best to win the gold.

Hungarian swimmer hit for a gold in breaststroke for 200 meters in 2:07.28 and Rebecca Soni from US in 2:20.00. The host nation celebrated its golden day. The cyclist Bradley Wiggins won gold in men’s trial. Armstrong won the race for women, rowers Helen Glover with Heather Stanning brought the first gold for Great Britain. The performers were overwhelmed by the crowds pouring in for five days and enjoyed the excitement.


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