Drunk Miley Cyrus Photographed In Compromising Poses: Father Becomes Furious

Charlie Sheen (center left) claims they were all drunk while having some clean fun. Photographed just before Miley starts undressing

This is not another gimmick of tricked photographs. This time Hanna Montana girl Miley Cyrus has been really caught in shamefully compromising poses with actor Charlie Sheen. Her arrogant behaviors seem to become unstoppable after she turned 18+ this year.

As per the report, she was fully drunk at a seedy Los Angeles bar. Some of the local patrons told that actor Charlie Sheen was at that time wearing a lampshade and dancing clumsily around a pool table.  He was showing photos of himself and a improperly dressed Miley Cyrus was dancing in horizontal mambo position. After sometime she started to take out her clothes. Elmer Smith who is a bar regular tells, “some of those nasty pictures had Miley buck-assed naked too!”

Though Miley’s camp reportedly denied the incident by saying this as a total nonsense, they claim Miley doesn’t even know actor Sheen. But after showing the photographs at the bar they were totally mum.

Daddy Billy Ray reacted very strongly about the entire episode and declared, quote, “Teach that little asshole a real country-boy lesson if you git ma drift.” Friends are saying that they weren’t certain what he was wanted to do with Sheen.

When asked about the bar incident Miley’s reaction was very shocking. The teen sensation said it is just a minor issue and doesn’t seem to be anything serious. They were just having some good clean fun. At least this time she wasn’t caught smoking a bong again!

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  1. That’s what you call “PWND”!. The picture looks so gay I can’t keep on looking at it. She probably said that it’s just a minor issue to keep herself from looking too bad.

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