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Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi Early Release Date Confirmed: Price $599

Earlier we published a news “Motorola “Xoom” The Best Gadget Of The Year Will Hit The Market Soon”. It was then a 3G version of the tablet PC that was launched during February 24th. But now Motorola will be introducing its Wi-Fi version at the end of this month. Though OSM speculated that Wi-Fi version will arrive around April, bit this report seems to be false as a sales ad from Staples shows something different. In the ad it is clearly visible that the Xoom WiFi-only version will be arriving in the stores on March 27. The price of this device has been mentioned $599.98.

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha at Mobile World Congress confirmed that the 3G version of Xoom would be available at $799 on Verizon (without subsidy), while its Wi-Fi version will be priced at $600. So it came out to be what we all expected.

Now what we are trying to find out whether Xoom Wi-Fi only version can beat the competition against iPad 2. As 32GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi is priced at $599.00, while the price for Xoom Wi-Fi only version starts from $599. Though Intomobile reported, Sam’s Club will be offering Wi-Fi Xoom at only $539, we are not quite sure whether it is true or not. It is yet to see if Xoom becomes able to win over next gen iPad.  Perhaps the early release could help Xoom to sustain well in the tablet war.

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