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Cyclone Thane Creates Havoc In Tamilnadu

Tamilnadu coasts have been hard hit by cyclone Thane and this has lead to huge landfall between Cuddalore and Puducherry. There is heavy rainfall going on in Puducherry and strong wind is blowing. Government authorities have asked the people to stay indoors.

The landfall took place at a place which is quite close to Cuddalore, which is located in the southeast of Puducherry. The Cyclone Thane is expected to move towards the west and cross the North Tamil Nadu coast which is close to the south of Puducherry. However, it is going to get weakened in due time and because of this, heavy rainfall is expected to continue over Northern Tamilnadu, Rayalseema and Puducherry.

The wind speed of Cyclone Thane is 140 kmph at Cuddalore and Puducherry. Huge waves rising to the height of 1.5 meters are hitting the shoreline and these waves are really found to be scary enough.

The fast blowing wind has already damaged many properties like trees, poles and thatched roofs and they are found scattered all along the roads, uprooted. A Puducherry resident said that since yesterday they are only listening winds of Cyclone Thane. Even the mobile phone towers are not working properly. School buildings in the city of Chennai have been turned into shelters and all areas of the city have been put on red alert.

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