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Massive Pakistan Earthquake Felt in India and UAE As Well

An earthquake of the magnitude of 7.4 in the rector scale has been reported in Pakistan. As reported by the US Geological Service, the earthquake hit the southwestern parts of the country around 1.30 am in the night. The magnitude of the earthquake can be felt from the simple fact that the earthquake has struck 6.2 miles under the ground. The earthquake has happened exactly in the Baluchistan province and it is near the border with Afghanistan.

Though the earthquake occurred near the Afghanistan border, it was felt by other provinces of the country as well. The tremor can be felt in the neighboring countries of India and United Arab Emirates as well. Feeling the tremor, many people in the city of Karachi were seen running around and they came out in the street anticipating some threat.

It is a matter of fortune that the epicenter of the earthquake was in a far remote place and the closely located Chagai hills is the place where the Pakistan government held their nuclear tests in the year 1998. Due to its remote location, the earthquake was not able to make any major damage to the nearest towns and cities of Pakistan. Some of the mud houses in the area have collapsed, but no major casualties have been reported so far.

An earthquake of the magnitude of 7.6 hit Pakistan in the year 2005 in the northwestern province, killing 80,000 people and rendering more than 3 million homeless.

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