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Moms Are Main Bread Earners In 40% Of Household

An interesting US survey has revealed that in 40% of the households with children in the US, the mom is the min bread earner. These moms have been found to be the main source of income in their households.

In a similar survey done in 1960, the percentage of bread earning moms used to stand at 11%. Thus during this time, this percentage has gone up by 4 times. Out of these 5.1 are married mothers whose earning is more than their husband. And 8.6 million of them are single mothers. The former constitutes 37% of the lot and the latter 63% of the lot.

The survey has also disclosed their attitude towards women who go outside their home for earning. 67% have said that the process makes easier for families to live a comfortable life, while 50% say that it makes difficult for marriages to succeed and a vast majority says it also become very difficult to raise the children.

This is also a learning process for the children in their families. They can learn how their mom has managed both family and professional life and they can also implement them in their future.

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