Megan Fox kisses another guy, but it is for work dear

Rumors are going on in the entertainment world that Megan Fox has kissed somebody who is not supposed to be her husband. The reason for the rumor is that the person whom she has kissed is not her recently married husband Brian Austin Green.
But there is no reason to be worried for the Fox fans as the kissing scene was only a part of a music video which she was shooting with another actor.
In the music video Megan Fox was acting against Dominic Monaghan and there she was supposed to do the kissing scene with the male costar. The music video by Eminem is known as Love the way you Lie.
Megan and Dominic are playing the role of volatile lovers in the music video. In one session they are having a scene of steamy make out roles and in the next minute they are having physical brawls and the both actors are found to be screaming on the video.
The Rudeboy star, Rihana has also been featured in the video. While commenting on the video, Rihana has stated that the lyrics of the video say mostly about the facts of domestic violence. The singer said she was aiming to be a role model for women who have been facing domestic violence.

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