THE CAPE: Watch NBC’s First TV Drama On iPad

Have you just bought a brand new Apple iPad? Then get ready to watch NBC’s new TV drama, The Cape on your newly bought tablet PC. The television show will be introduced on iPad, in advance of its TV premiere.

The show has been started broadcasting from 9 January in the US, but its very first episode can be watched through the DC Comics iPad app.

NBC’s Adam Stotsky in an interview said, combining DC Comics with iPad is a great way to make some pre-premiere awareness with fans who have the capability to be ambassadors. It’s the hottest sign of how high iPad is daunting in the priorities of US broadcasters as well as cable networks , while US cable firm Comcast has also declared their plans to stream live TV to iPad and Android tablets later on this year. NBC has wisely selected to target DC Comics’ huge user-base through its premiere, rather than introducing a specific The Cape app, since it would be tougher to build an audience from scratch.

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