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MTN Uganda Brings Huawei IDEOS: A Budget Android Smartphone

The largest mobile operator in Uganda named MTN Uganda recently has signed up a deal to launch the newest version of Huawei’s Android-powered IDEOS smartphone. As per their official announcement the new smartphones will facilitate the users with high-speed Internet connectivity.

The Huawei IDEOS U8150 handset will be a available at a much cheaper rates and the customers can enjoy the facilities of the 3G+ data network within a average price tag.

Themba Khumalo, the MTN Uganda Chief Executive in an interview has said company’s 3G network will provide full benefits of the Internet access, while the majority data network providers in Uganda at the moment do not offer any access to the popular sites and content streaming services to their customers. Hence this facility will certainly become very popular among the users who want better accessibility to the internet.

Khumalo also adds,”You will also find it hard to conduct content uploads, which limits capacity to share locally generated content with the rest of the world,” In Uganda, more pricey handsets like iPhones, Blackberries and certain Nokia smarphones are only restricted to rich and trendy mobilephone users who can easily afford high-end devices.

This collaboration between MTN and Huawei seems to be very promising even a massive competition is going on among the market leaders like Google, Microsoft, Nokia and Apple and we expect this initiative to bring quality handsets at an affordable price will help MTN and Huawei both to sustain in the competition in the long run.

The IDEOS U8150 handset was globally launched last year at the end of 2010 and as per Huawei’s claims this is a simple, inexpensive Android smartphone. The handset features a touchscreen display, and it has got a high resolution screen alongwith a 3.2 Mega pixel camera that is quite sufficient to take bright clear pictures. Moreover the device offers voice dialing, voice navigation, social networking facilities and the utility to run applications off the SD card.

As ComputerWorld reports, Khumalo in his interview said, “We are proud to be leading in this field not only because this is a Smartphone handset that will enable everyone to use our data services, but also because by introducing Android,” Khumalo said. “We are giving Ugandans an opportunity to own and use a Smartphone and to harness the power of reliable, high speed internet services off MTN’s 3G+ network.”

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  1. hi Im having trouble connecting to the internet. If possible could you send me the correct details to enter if you are able to or do I need to contact my phone service provider. they gave me some but still saying no internet connection.

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