Miriam Expecting Another Baby

After attaining motherhood in 2012, Miriam Yeung is expecting once again. She gave birth to her son couple of years back and now she has been spotted buying baby clothes which have boosted the speculation of her enjoying an expecting motherhood.

Miriam had undergone uterine fibroid surgery after the first child’s birth and thus she and her husband had to be resilient to abstain from having another child unless the lady had regained her health.

According to the sources, after the first baby she has drastically reduced her work load and she is often seen enjoying her time with the 2 year old boy. Ignoring the increased pregnancy risks at the age of forty she is all set to give light to a new life, preferably a daughter this time.

Miriam was reluctant though to reveal the news and she said that she has put on weight and those baby clothes were gifts for her friend.

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