Liz Hurley Planning a Romantic Holiday With Warne At Year End

Liz Hurley has officially announced her separation from her millionaire husband Arun Nair. She has officially announced the split and seemed to be romancing with Australian cricketer Shane Warne.
Now the interesting part of the love story is that both Liz Hurley and Shane Warne are known as sex bombs in the love circuit. So, culprits are spreading the rumor that the three letter word may be the basis of their attraction towards each other. Liz Hurley breasts are quite big and she is also the ambassador of prevention of breast cancer on this earth.

Now the latest news that is going the rounds is that Liz Hurley is planning a romantic year end holiday with the noted Australian spinner in Sydney. Warne has got a production company and they are trying to bring in this breast beauty and the tragic hero of cricket for the 5th test to be held at the SCG on January 3rd, 2011. The money coming from the show will go to the Jane McGrath Foundation.

Shane Warne has confirmed in his website that he has got broken up with ex-wife Simone Callahan, who is also the mother of his three children. He has also stated that it is their private matter and he did not want to discuss that in public.

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