Is Pakistan Doing Match Fixing For The Semifinal?

Rehman Malik, the Interior Minister of Pakistan has made a strong statement and it has evoked a doubt regarding match fixing among all the cricket viewers of this world cup. Mr. Malik, in one his statements said that a warning was given to all the Pakistani cricket players, that there should not be any match fixing issues happening. If any of such kind is noticed, severe action will be taken against them.

With such a surprising statement and that too just before 2 days for the intense rivalry match between India and Pakistan i.e. taking place in Mohali this 30th, it became a hot topic amongst all the cricket players & viewers. Apart from this, the players of Pakistan, administrators, former coaches and players also raised their voice against Malik for his critical statement.

The Minister, pushing all these criticisms aside, supported his statement by saying that he commented so after a “careful watch” of the team activities especially the last year’s London scene, where few of the Pakistani players were caught for match fixing and are alleged for it. He also added that the team, for sure, contains very fair players, but as their responsibility laid intelligence on the players and is checking out who are they meeting and checking out their phone calls too.

The minister has also given some advices to the Pakistani cricketers. He said the nation loves them a lot and are waiting for their success at the match. Imran Khan, the former legendry cricketer of Pakistan, lashed Malik for his comments. He said he is more worried about Malik and not the team. He also added that he has complete faith in the team integrity.


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  1. The players are tired because they are treated like objects, not like professionals. They deserve respect and minimum conditions.

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