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Kim Kardashian’s Naked Pregnant Selfie Creates A Buzz

Quite often than less, Kim Kardashian gets into controversies and her second pregnancy is of no exception. Recently, the 34 years old TV star has posted her naked selfie to dismiss rumors that she is using a surrogate to be a mother for the second time. Along with the picture she also posted an explanation for the move.

Posting a nude selfie online seemed to her the only way to silence the critics, talking about her transforming figure. Kim explained that some days she is photographed before she eats, while some other day she is photographed after a meal, which is why the transformation in her recent photographs is so prominent. She also stated that she is enjoying her bump thoroughly and that pregnancy has made her a lot more beautiful.

There are many who have applauded Kardashian’s courage to post a naked selfie. A leading magazine has recently dedicated Kim a feature stating her beauty and grace even with a bump. Garcia believes that this one selfie has not only silenced Kardashian’s critics but also sends out a message how beautiful pregnancy can be. Many Twitter users have also started calling Kim a role model for pregnant ladies around.

Again, there are many mothers and pregnancy bloggers who have liked the selfie Kim Kardashian has posted online, but denies calling her a ‘role model’. Journalist Lucy Tobin is in favor of saying that although Kim is looking sexy, but one selfie in a dimly lit room does not make her the role model for every pregnant woman in the world. The morning sickness or the puffy feet or in that case the moan of every woman when they hardly find anything that suits to her transforming body is quite a pain. Each pregnancy is different, so are the ways to cope with it.

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