Justin Timberlake Engaged To Longtime Sweetheart Jessica Biel

Finally it is official that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are engaged and the two are planning to tie the knot soon. The ‘Sexy Back’ singer proposed to Biel in late December and they were on a vacation at that time in Jackson.

The fact that Justin Timberlake got engaged came to the light when they attended the Utah Film festival in the year 2007. The pair was quite frequently seen in many social circles and they broke up in last March. But one cannot help if destiny unites them. They again reunited after remaining out of touch for three months.

While reuniting, they planned to take the relationship to the next level and it became a matter of time in December when Justin Timberlake engaged news was flashed in the media. Last month, the pair was seen in a very cozy position and rumors of Justin Timberlake engaged started floating in the rounds. Now the rumors have become true and let us now wait for the date of their marriage.

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