Katrina’s Sister Isabella On Her Way To Be Bollywood’s Desi Actress

While Bollywood’s latest queen Katrina Kaif is full with big banners movies, her younger sister Isabella has nothing of that sort as she still hasn’t been yet able to fetch for herself any projects even after staying in Mumbai for more than a year.
Bollywood’s filmy diva Katrina being the local guardian of Isabella doesn’t want her sister to settle for anything lesser than a bigger project.
A source close to the top actress reveals that Isabella is eager to work only in Aditya Chopra, SRK and Karan Johar’s home production and even Katrina believes that working in their production would be an excellent opportunity for her sister as a new comer.
Though Katrina herself came in the industry while she has no god father in the earlier part of her career, however, when her sister is concerned, the actress wants to ensure that she gets well-acquainted with the skills that are necessary to survive in the industry.
Isabella has already started improving her Hindi diction and shows high possibility to have a good command over the language before making her debut in Bollywood.

Even there is a buzz that King Khan There has recommended Isabella to Karan and the wannabe actress will be giving some screen tests off late.
“Shah Rukh has already recommended Isabella to Karan. She’s going through screen tests and getting her portfolio clicked, and has decided to step out in public only when she finalizes a project,” a source confirms. Now whether Katrina’s sister becomes able to create a stir in bollywood industry just like her sister, is yet to be seen in the coming days.

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