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How Facebook Video Chat Facility With Skype Integration Is Made So Simple?

This Wednesday Facebook launches a series of new features including group chat, a redesigned chat user list, and most importantly video chat facility in association with Skype. Experts are anticipating this last feature will have the most prevalent impact on most average Mac users.

When spoke to few Facebook users who have just come across the latest Skype video calling feature after it launched (with pal and web developer Wes Bos), they confirmed it is working perfectly. The new Facebook video calling and chat facility suggest installing the plugin on iMac and it requires a tiny Java app download that’s practically foolproof to use, and making and receiving calls just become very simple. You can share video using this app after it shows confirmation.

But if we look more closely into Video chat facility, we will understand that this feature won’t appeal to everyone. It makes sense for those users who have close relationships with one another for example, close family members like spouse, parents and children as well as who live far away from each other that face-to-face communication is rare. But when there are some complications like both parties need to install a dedicated app and have that app open and active, the chances become very small of using it in real.  Current facebook chat facility doesn’t require these complications. An user can easily interact with his or her other friends in networking list via video calling.  No Skype registration is necessary.  Moreover, this feature puts an end to calling people in advance to notify them to open the Skype client so that the other party can call them, since people are much more likely to be Facebook users (there’s 750 million of them, Facebook announced today) and online at any given time on that site.

Skype’s Mac client also doesn’t appeal to large number of users due to its design. Its design feels pointlessly cumbersome. Facebook’s Skype integration doesn’t have the similar problem, since it is invisible, perfectly blends with Facebook’s interface without drawing too much attention to itself or changing the Facebook experience that users are comfortable with.

Due to these above mentioned reasons Facebook Video Calling seems to surpass the Skype as the video chat facility for Mac users.

Apart from this, Facebook have more future plans ahead. It will soon bring video calling to groups and mobile, but the foundation is set for that to happen, and while some are saying Google+ is still in the lead thanks to its Hangouts group video chat, I think that’s not taking into account of Facebook’s huge network size which will give it extra advantage.

How to install new Facebook feature (Skype Video Chat)

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