Yana Gupta Pantyless Pictures Is One Of The Most Controversial Events of 2010

Yana Gupta Without UnderwearWhen Yana Gupta pantyless pictures appeared on the web and on the different media the next day, little did she realized that the incident is going to take the entertainment industry by storm. Thousands of visitors thronged the websites to have a look at the Yana Gupta pantyless pictures.

Of late, IBN Live has announced a list of ten most controversial events of 2010 and to everybody’s utmost shock, Yana Gupta pantyless pictures has taken the third place in that list. IBN Live conducted a survey among the viewers and the list was built according to the results of that survey.

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Though the item girl has claimed that she forgot to wear her panty on that day because of some dance rehearsals, but many claim that she is also enjoying this sudden publicity which she is getting by exposing her lower assets. She is saying that she came to the charity show directly from the rehearsal and that is the reason, she was there that day without any panties. The photographers wasted no time in clicking the Yana Gupta pantyless pictures and published them all over.

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