Jackie Evancho saves ‘America’s got talent’ show from disaster

Jackie Evancho saves the “America’s got talent” show yesterday night as what every other performer did was nothing but simply a disaster. Jackie Evancho is only 10 years old, but with her cute looks and a splendid voice, did everything what performers at the age of forty could not perform.

In fact, everybody was astonished to see that such a little girl singing such a melodious Italian song and she sang “O Mio Babbino Caro,” to impress the crowd to a great extent. Her voice was excellent when it was bright and brassy and there was some times when the voice was getting shifted towards the back of her throat. But nobody cared for that as that little cute did everything possible to win over the crowd.
What made Jackie Evancho different from others is the simple fact that she was very interesting to watch than the others and her way of singing was also greatly appreciated by the audience at large.
People were astonished to find that this little girl was not auditioned for the show and she was found only on the YouTube. Nobody could ever imagine that such an act by a 10 year old little girl will save the ‘America’s got talent show’.

JIT Mukherjii
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