No Charge On Trespasser From Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is again back in news with the declaration that he will not press charges against the trespasser who created a scene in his property in drunken condition.

As per report, Jason Sullivan, who is a combo of being interior designer, Australian model as well as reality star, is the resident of the house next door to Tom Cruise as tenant to Kevin Huvane, the agent of TOM. It was last night when Jason came back home in drunken condition and mistaken Tom’s property as his residence and start moving inside the ground.

He was warned by the security members at Tom’s residence to stop or else he will be chased. He was twice chased for continuing. He was later arrested on the charge of misdemeanor trespassing and also released.

As per the lawyer of Tom, Bert Fields, Tom is not at all a vindictive person and as the guy was drunk he made the mistake and don’t have any malicious intent.

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