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An iPad application that can connect with your desktop computer

There is an iPad application which can help you to get access to your desktop or laptop computer. This wonderful application is known as desktop connect. With the help of this application, you can control your PC from a remote distance with the help of your iPad.

The iPad application will be of immense help to you if you are a frequent traveler and want to get access to the computer at home. The application is also useful for those busy business executives who may forget some important documents in his or her home computer.
With this application, gone are those old concepts that say iPad do not support Adobe Flash. With the help of Desktop Connect, one can also download Adobe Flash in the iPad. You can control the Media Players and Power Point Presentations from the remote point. The application can be immensely useful if you want to give a presentation to your office guys when you are away.
Another interesting feature of the application is that it can automatically discover all the computers on the local network and it can offer support for VNC and Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP). This is a wonderful feature for free as other charge an amount for every such standard protocol.
Desktop Connect has got full support for 3G and single click connect. This application can only be accessed with a 128 bit encryption of all passwords. Hence, if your friends are having a look at your iPad, they cannot get access to your PC as they do not have the desired password.

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