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It’s Actually iPhone 4S, Not iPhone 5

iphone 4SThe most anticipated release of the upcoming iPhone which is scheduled to arrive during this summer will perhaps include little incremental upgrade and experts are saying that it will not support LTE. According to Jefferies & Co. analyst Peter Misek who is very well-known in this field has written in a recent research note that the latest Apple device which were being dubbed as ‘iPhone 5’ by many – would in fact to be named as the ‘iPhone 4S’. This device will be coming with some “minor cosmetic changes as well as superior cameras, powerful A5 dual-core processor [also used in the iPad 2], and HSPA+ support. He further added that the Qualcomm chipset that Apple would have designed for LTE is at present not achieving yields satisfactory for insertion in the iPhone 5, and prompting the release of the 4S model as an alternative. Nevertheless, the HSPA+ support – which is presently being offered by long-term US operator partner AT&T and others – would enable the new device to function at projected peak speeds of 42Mb/s.

Misek also observed that Apple will declare new operator partners that will be going to carry the new device. “Industry checks indicate Apple will likely announce Sprint, T-Mobile, and China Mobile as new carriers”. The inclusion of the network carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile would signify that all four nationwide US operators would be ready to offer the device. Among them Sprint – which is a CDMA-based operator would probably use the same CDMA version of the iPhone launched by competitor Verizon Wireless earlier this year. If this information is found to be correct, then it would be a copy of the launching strategy of Apple. Apple launched iPhone3G in 2008 and iPhone 3GS after a year of that.


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