Internet rumor spreads – is Whitney Houston pregnant?

It seems to the viewers that the singer Whitney Houston has put on some fat in the belly. This has lead to widespread rumors that is the popular singer Whitney Houston pregnant? But experts are of the view that it is not pregnancy, but the simple fact that Houston has accumulated some fat in her body.

Houston has been labeled as a continuous drug user and everyone knows about her unhealthy marriage with Bobby Brown. The past decade has not been good for Whitney Houston. In a recent concert, she was booed off the stage and her voice was also cracking during the middle of the show. As a result, many people started leaving the show in between. So, to console her mind, may be Whitney Houston is looking for some baby bump.

This has lead to more people getting convinced that is Whitney Houston pregnant. Now the future can only tell the truth, because she will not be able to attend any concert if she is truly pregnant. Her representatives have not come out with a statement in this regard.

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