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Apocalypse Now: 21st May, 2011 is Our Last Night on Earth (or is it?)

Different people believe different versions of what will happen on May 21st 2011. While some say that the day will mark the return of Jesus Christ as he will be reborn in this world again. There are those who believe that May 21st will mark the final “end of days” where the whole world will meet its doom. Furthermore if you are to believe a follower of Harold Camping’s related prophecy, Jesus Christ will be born on earth again on this day but this time he will bring with him the apocalypse in the form of a massive earthquake where only those of great faith will survive.

If you are worried that even one of these predictions may come true and you have a little more than a week to live then you might want to know that these predictions have turned out to be wrong before. Reverend Holding attributed the last prediction going wrong to a mathematical miscalculation. Different cultures have also made predictions over the years. Some have said that almost 90 percent of the predictions made thus far have been made on dates before 2011 which would imminently mean that they all came undone as the human race is still alive and kicking.

More such famous predictions claim that the end of the world is destined not to be on May 21st this year but on December 21st in 2012. While these predictions continue to flow, the question well and truly is, which one would you believe, if you believe them at all?


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