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Arvind Kejriwal Gets Released Without Paying Bail Bond

Arvind Kejriwal ultimately got the release order from Delhi High court, today and thus has got discharged from Tihar jail. His realise was ordered only after considering the personal bond filed by his lawyer. The case was filed against him by Nitin Gadkari, and thus a notice has been sent to him and the government of Delhi on Kejriwal’s appeal for his immediate release.

The Aam Admi party head Kejriwal was scheduled to be kept in judicial custody until 6th June. He was sent to Tihar jail last week due to his refusal of paying for bail, in the defamation case filed by BJP leader Nitin Gadkari. Justice Kailash Gambhir and Sunita Gupta had allowed senior lawyer Shanti Bhushan and Prashant Bhushan to appear for Kejriwal and to see him in Tihar Jail and seek his opinion on the matter of filing personal bond. According to Kejriwal he is ‘illegally’ being sent to judicial custody, and thus challenges the orders of sending him to judicial custody given by the Lower court.

His refusal of paying Rs. 10,000 for receiving bail orders lead his sending to the Tihar jail, against a defamation case filed against him. The division bench asked Kejriwals’s advocates to take his instruction before filling the personal bond and not to make it a ‘prestige issue’. He is suggested by the division bench to raise issues only after being released from the judicial custody. He went on to say that the treatment given out to him is unjust and is based on “completely wrong premise of law.” The issue brought out by Kejriwal, in his appeal seeking for his immediate release, remains whether bail is necessary during summons case when the accused appears with his lawyer. The AAP leader raises some very essential question on the judicial system of our country.

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