How Did Alexander Betrayed Anna Chapman And The Russian Spy Team?

The Russian agent who betrayed 10 Russian spies has been sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment. The sentence was given by a military court in Moscow as because of his betrayal, 10 spies including the ever green beauty Anna Chapman was convicted by the US police and deported back.

The spy, named Alexander Poteyev, aged 59 years old was found to be the main man behind the failure of the plot and hence was the sentence. About 10 Russian spies were caught, and out of them Anna Chapman came into the limelight because of her attractive looks and a sexy figure. Following that, Anna became a household name in Western countries and also got many offers which even include working in a porn movie. She, however, turned it out. Many pictures of Anna Chapman nude have also been published in many websites on the Internet.

Anna Chapman said that the US agent was speaking to her in a code which only Alexander knew. After the gang got busted, Alexander fled to Russia leaving behind the ten spies.

A message written by Alexander to his wife was found and court found him guilty by following that message only.


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