A Government Shutdown May Have Worst Impact On The Economy And It’s Recovery

obamaObama in talks with the lawmakers have been having a hard time deciding on the future of the nation that is hanging in the dilemma of dissolving the federal government.

The Democrats and the Republicans have been busy raising fingers at each other and Mr. Boehner has not stopped himself from accusing Obama on his failure to be wise with the negotiations in the budgetary aspect of the nation. To conclude this conflict a meeting had been called but certain irresolvable issues keep recurring against which the President is unable to come to a final decision that can avoid the disaster of ending the federal government.

The government shutdown will see millions of Federal employees go without pay and the entire incident will give a serious blow to the recovery of the US economy.

The whole action of the government shut down can go a long way in having adverse impacts on the economy of the State. Mr. Reid has also contributed in the list of accusations that have complicated matters on both the sides. Most importantly, the shutdown can cause the state to suffer a setback in terms of its fiscal challenges in the long term. The whole attempt to a recovery of the economy will prove futile with this action bringing in another blow to it.

Growth is significant for any nation and here the growth could have actually solved many of the long-term fiscal problems. However, with the government shutdown, this whole growth will take a back seat and the economy will be left to challenges that cannot be addressed in any tangible manner. Once the services are suspended, there would be nothing to aid the economy in its recovery.



JIT Mukherjii
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