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Anna Hazare Fast For India Against Corruption Raises Waves Of Support Across The Nation

The Veteran social activist Anna Hazare has started a fast for implementation of a strong Lokpal Bill to put an end to corruption in public life. The movement, names India Against Corruption is gaining ground across the nation as thousands of people gathered in front of Jantar Mantar to listen to the septagenarian social worker.

In the evening Anna Hazare refused an appeal by Congress President Sonia Gandhi to withdraw the fast. Anna Hazare was looking mentally strong and physically weak as it is the second day of his fast.

Addressing thousands of people who have gathered in front of the venue, Anna Hazare said that he will not eat anything unless the Government gave a proactive role to the members of the civil society to draft a strong Lokpal Bill that will take the first step in ending the cancer of corruption in public life.

The noted social worker feels that the Indian politicians and bureaucracy need to be “trained in democracy.” The gathered crowd was shouting ‘Joh kabhi nahi haare, Woh Anna Hazare!’ (One who never gives up is Anna Hazare) and “Bharat Mata ki Jai!”

Thousands of people have brought out rallies across the nation in support of Anna Hazare, starting from Kashmir to Tamilnadu and from Gujarat to Assam. Doctors attending Hazare said that his blood pressure is quite high, but otherwise he is stable. Many people have joined him with the protest and by the evening, when the sun went down, some went unconscious.

Mr Kapil Sibal is doing the negotiations on part of the Government and news is there that no definite conclusion is there for setting up a panel for drafting of the strong Lokpal Bill.

Bollywood stars like Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra and Madhur Bhanderkar have come out in the open in support of Anna Hazare fast.




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