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Opposition warns Of Rigging in the Uganda Elections

Uganda elections will take place this Friday and the reigning President of the country for thirty years, is expected to get another victory. The ruling President Museveni, is expected to win the electoral battle. Incidentally, Museveni is considered to be an US ally.

This Uganda election is the second multiparty elections in Uganda for thirty years. Museveni is facing a tough opposition from his former ally and personal physician Kizza Besigye. But he lost to Museveni both in 2001 and 2006. Besigye has said to the countrymen that he may lead street protests and lead an Egypt style protest in Uganda. He also blames Museveni of vote rigging.

But Museveni has flouted all the allegations against him and claims that since he has put an end to the brutal counterinsurgency in northern Uganda, his popularity has reached a new level. He has threatened that if anybody tries to spread unrest in Uganda, he will put him behind bars.

About 14 million people are going to vote in the 24,000 polling stations in the current Uganda elections. Opposition and also the civil society people are exclaiming the fear of rigging in the Uganda elections. For the past few years, Uganda has explored huge quantity of oil and that is going to be a positive factor for Museveni in the current Uganda elections.

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