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Objections Filed By Government Panel For New Internet Name

Around 250 objections raised by different governments have been noticed against the proposed new internet address endings. The objections were filled by a special panel consisting of representatives of governments from around 50 countries. Inclusions of references from different groups were there in the objections and the same includes locations as well as groups of people like .roma, .islam, .patagonia, .africa and .zulu.

The panel for this objections is named as Government Advisory Committee (GAC) and they made it very clear on the web by making the publication of the ” early warning ” list in order to give the applicants a last chance for addressing the concern or to make a choice to withdrawal the submission made by them, so that the reclaiming of the 80% of the $185,000 (£116,300) application fee can be done. In the coming month of April the team of GAC will take a decision to decide which of the suffixes warrant formal complaints are there and will still be pending showing their concerns in a meeting to be held in Beijing.

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