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Drought Costing US Insurance Companies Hefty Payments

The recent drought in New York is continuing with a steady graph. This means, experts are anticipating this to continue for a long time. Major loss of crop has been registered due to drought in this year.

The half of the continental US is undergoing drought conditions, according to the report of National Drought Migration Center. The insurance companies are coming into the picture at this moment. Naturally, the claim for money is high at the moment.  The rough estimation of lost crop is around $20 billion. And, still there is no relief is expected from the weather stations. Rather, the drought situation will continue for a few months.

National Crop Insurance Services Economist Keith Collins illustrated that the drought of this year has gone at the top position already, in terms of loss of crops. This has been the worst natural calamity in recent few years in USA. Though, farmers are protected by the crop insurance!

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