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New Zealand Quake: 145 Killed As Aftershocks Made Rescuers Struggle

Only unpleasant news is coming out from New Zealand as the rescue continues for survivors from the city of Christchurch. Even though the rescuers are attempting hard to find survivors, the violent aftershocks are making their work quite tougher.

At the same time, the death toll reached 145 and it’s predicted to rise further. Rescue Teams from six countries other than New Zealand are still searching for survivors. Rescue teams including the teams from United States, China, Japan and Australia searched the central city and suburban areas, but they could only find bodies. No more survivors have been found after the rescue of a woman on Wednesday and the expectations for more survivors became less after the aftershocks of the magnitude 4.4.

This incident became an international tragedy as the news came out about the dead who include people from 20 nations which include students from Taiwan, India, China and Japan. More than 200 people are reported to be missing; but the police said that this number includes the recovered bodies that have not been identified yet.

The rescue works are still progressing. Over 600 rescue workers are searching the city and suburban areas which got the hardest hits. Over 340 houses in city’s eastern suburbs are for demolition and they are marked with red tape. About 40 percent buildings in the city centre are not safe to enter. Thousands of volunteers are helping the rescue works. Near 1200 police are in the city for the rescue promising security.

Christchurch is one of the New Zealand’s most attractive cities. Many foreign students are there in Christchurch to learn English. Shaky foundations of silt, sand and subterranean water together built Christchurch and all these were spoiled during the quake. The earth quake has also made a huge economic crisis and New Zealand is expected to withstand this.

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