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Women Arrested For Criticizing Thackeray On Facebook

The life of Mumbai came to a sudden halt when the news of death of Mr. Bal Thackeray came out in public on last Saturday 17th of November, 2012. Huge population of Mumbai showed their respect towards this great personality and some percentage of the population also showed their anger in different social networking websites on the Shiva Sena members for bringing the entire city of Mumbai to a halt.


The anger of the people on Shiva Sena and Mr. Balasaheb Thackeray can be very well understood with the sharing of opinion on the social networking site of Facebook. Related to this opinion sharing on social networking site, a woman was arrested on Monday by Mumbai police along with another individual who liked the comment of the woman who got arrested first. The opinion of this young lady was that people like Mr. Thackeray born as well as die on daily basis and in no way a bandh should be called for it. Apart from the arrest of these two women no further unrest was noticed till the time at Mumbai.


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