Strong Actions Against BCCI Key Players For Match Fixing

BCCI president N Srinivasan after the board meeting has confirmed to the crowded media that stringent measures needs to be taken against the key players if found guilty. Anti-corruption chief Ravi Sawant is appointed as the commissioner of enquiry and has been reportedly ordered to carry the procedures and file the report immediately.

He had addressed saying that until and unless BCCI proves guilty no one is to be blamed or defamed. It’s a strenuous process and stern measures needs to be adopted to prove this crime.

To add up the information legal help needs to be taken but the ultimate decision lays on the anti-corruption chief Ravi Sawant, everything rests on the judicial process though BCCI has its own set of rules.

The rots of corruption delved deeply with the Indian pacer S Sreesanth and other Rajasthan Royals players Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan arrested them on the charge of 3 consecutive matches fixing in IPL along with their underworld connection with the bookies.

In an attempt to check this corruption BCCI working committee in accordance with the judicial proceedings has decided to adopt stern measures against this offense and crime, their movements needs to be monitored keenly and so an anti-corruption and security official unit along with a security officer is appointed.

However the demerits lie in what Srinivasan has remarked that they may control and monitor the players but may not the bookies. So to control the bookies a detailed memorandum has been prepared to tame them.

These players are primarily accused of the match fixing allegations and are suspended until they are proved fair as per the legal judgement.

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