All Denver Public Schools Will Be Closed Tuesday For Chilly Weather

Temperatures have gone down to severely cold levels this Monday when an Arctic blast knocked Colorado’s Front Range.

Under this circumstance, a Winter Weather Advisory has been employed to monitor the effect of this cold wave until 5 a.m. Tuesday. Weather experts are forecasting a light snowfall will occur through Monday evening.
With this record cold in the forecast, several metro area school districts have declared they would be closed Tuesday.

And that list comprises of schools like Denver Public Schools,Jefferson County Public Schools, Aurora Public Schools, Cherry Creek Public Schools, Boulder Valley, Douglas County, Adams 12 including Littleton Public Schools.

List of School Closings in Denver-area

Meteorologist Dave Fraser says, “Accumulations of snow seems light across metro Denver as most places getting less than 3 inches. The heaviest totals, nearly 6 inches, will plunge in the foothills above 7,000 feet.”

Further than the light snowfall totals, the harsh cold can cause a severe risk to anyone outdoors.

Fraser also adds, “Temperatures will further decrease to below zero tonight and there is no chance to rise at all tomorrow.”
The record of lowest temperature (coldest high) for February 1st is two degrees set during 1985 which may be in threat of declining. Moreover, the record low (morning temperature) on February 2nd of -18 degree set in 2007 could also drop.

As of now, temperatures are anticipated to go up above freezing on Thursday onwards.

Public Notification:

  • As of 5:10 p.m., more than 32 United/United Express flights, 6 Southwest, 7 Frontier, 1 American and 0 Delta departure has been cancelled
  • Denver Street Maintenance crews have organized 68 plows and are applying de-icing substance as required
  • The city of Aurora’s Public Works Department has employed 31 snow plows who are at present operating all over the city. For detailed information on snow removal operations during this weather condition, please contact Chris Carnahan at 303-326-8205.
  • Avoid going outdoors and stay indoors rather and keep pets inside too. If you can not avoid going outside, dress in multiple layers and keep your skin protected from direct contact with the air.
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