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Indian Girl Having IQ More Than Einstein And Hawking

An Indian girl named Neha Ramu has stunned the world after scoring 162 in her IQ test. What is stunning is the fact that the number is higher than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Neha is the daughter of an Indian doctor couple based in UK.The score of 162 is the highest possible at her age and the score has put her in the list of top one percent of the brightest people in the UK. This means she is found to be more intelligent than physicist Stephen hawking, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and noted scientist Albert Einstein. All these three persons used to have an IQ of 160 in this test.

Neha has always been a good student in school and her talent was noticed when she got a score of 280 out of 280 in her school entrance test. “I am so proud of her. Although she’s being doing well at these kinds of tests for sometime now this is just marvelous. I can’t express the feeling,” her mother Jayashree said.

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