Yana Gupta Sued For Pantyless Pictures

People are crazy searching for Yana Gupta pantyless pictures over the Internet for the past few days. Actually, Yana Gupta appeared in a charity show in Mumbai and she was not wearing any panties and one photographer clicked her assets during the entire show. As a result, Yana Gupta pantyless pictures got published in the newspaper and also the web.

For showing obscenity in a public place, a social activist named Rizwan Ahmed has filed a legal suit against Yana Gupta for appearing pantyless in a public event. The suit has been filed against Yana Gupta, the photographer who clicked the photos and the organizer of the charity event. The suit has been filed under section 292, 293 and 294 of the Indian Penal code.

Ahmed said that he was shocked to see Yana’s reaction to the event as she laughed off the matter and went on saying that from now on, she can be referred to as a ‘no panty’ girl. Ahmed is of the opinion that it was an intentional publicity stunt in connivance with the photographer and the organizer of the event.

All the three have been summoned to the court for a hearing on Monday, December 6th.

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